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Trailer: Johann Gottfried Schadow. Embracing Forms


The life-size double statue of Princesses Louise and Frederica of Prussia, known as the “Princess Group”, is Johann Gottfried Schadow’s (1764–1850) magnum opus. Seen as the founder of the Berlin School of sculpture, Schadow came to epitomize German Neoclassicism, with this work being emblematic of the movement. As the first sculpture depicting two female historical figures, this work wrote art history, and continues to be a highlight for visitors to Berlin from right around the world. The first retrospective in some 30 years, this exhibition presents Schadow’s major sculptural, graphic and art-theoretical works, arranged into 11 thematic sections. Following extensive conservation and restoration work, the original plaster model (from 1795) will be exhibited alongside the original marble rendering (1797) for the first time ever.

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