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Matter of South
Biomaterial Cultures from Latin America

13.07.2024 to 25.08.2024

The exhibition Matter of South (MoS) – Biomaterial Cultures from Latin America explores how biomaterial initiatives harness culture and biodiversity to create new possibilities for the future through research on biofabricated materials. This endeavour aims to rewrite the human relationship with the immediate environment while questioning and providing alternatives to the established extractivist model.

Biomaterial Archive

At the centre of this exhibition is the Biomaterial Archive, an installation introducing initiatives from Latin America through actual biomaterial samples and documentary records of different types of processes and manufacturing contexts found within the region. All elements are linked through a dynamic map that illustrates the diverse landscape of biomaterial initiatives at various locations. This collaborative, interdisciplinary network aims to document, connect, and showcase projects, groups, and individuals engaged throughout the region in researching biomaterials and biomanufacturing.

In this section of the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the diversity, uniqueness, and richness of the development of biomaterial initiatives in different parts of Latin America, as well as to experience them sensorially. The interactive Biomaterial Map results from extensive surveys and data analysis of over 200 biomaterial initiatives in the region that provide a wide spectrum of products, art, academic research, and initiatives related to disseminating these practices among diverse audiences.

While the exhibition is taking place, the mapping process remains open and expanding to include new, previously unknown initiatives.

Biomaterial Manifesto

As part of the exhibition, a Biomaterial Manifesto will be presented that brings together a series of discussions and perspectives by experts from different disciplines on various themes related to this emerging paradigm.

The ultimate goal of the Manifesto is not to draw definite conclusions that dictate an absolute or enduring truth, but rather to reveal a snapshot of the collective efforts of individuals at that particular 

Platform Matter of South

Matter of South offers a platform for dialogue, creativity, and collaboration, inviting participants to explore the transformative potential of biomaterial cultures in Latin America. By highlighting local initiatives and fostering community engagement, the initiative aims to catalyse positive change and inspire more symbiotic practices between human and non-human entities within our environments.


Matter of South (MoS) – Biomaterial Cultures from Latin America is curated by Heidi Jalkh (Argentina), Gisela Pozzetti (Argentina) and Valentina Aliaga (Chile).

The exhibition is a project and part of the More than Human platform at the Kunstgewerbemuseum, curated by Claudia Banz.


A symposium and various workshops will be held parallel to the exhibition.

A special exhibition of the Kunstgewerbemuseum – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

“Imagine: Coral Reef”, exhibition view
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03.05.2024 to 23.06.2024

Parallel Worlds
Boohri Park; Materialwelten - Jil Schuberth; Future Dome Industries - Jason Kittner; Mixed Realities - Klara Troost; Le Pli - Florentin Aisslinger

13.07.2024 to 25.08.2024

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