A Tiny House in Front of the Kunstgewerbemuseum: The University of Applied Sciences Potsdam Presents Design from Brandenburg as Part of the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK


From 28 May to 6 June, the FHP Mobil tiny house will stop at the Kulturforum piazzetta, directly in front of the Kunstgewerbemuseum (Museum of Decorative Arts). The FHP Mobil introduces the diverse activities of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHP)’s various departments and institutes in varying exhibitions, presentations and events. The mobile structure offers space for innovative ideas and activities while also acting as a platform for dialogue. The tiny house on wheels will be presented to the public for the first time during BERLIN DESIGN WEEK.

An exhibition about the Haus Brandenburg project will be on display in the Tiny House. The Haus Brandenburg initiative fosters collaborative work at the interface of design and craft. The project began in early 2017 under the direction of Professors Hermann Weizenegger (Professor of Industrial Design) and Jörg Hundertpfund (Professor of Product Design) and the participation of various creative disciplines at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. Haus Brandenburg is meanwhile being supervised by alumni from the Design Department. The underlying idea is to realise an “economy of the obvious”. Developing professional prospects for designers and craftspeople based on neighbourly collaboration is a major interest of those involved in Haus Brandenburg.

Craft and Manufactory Products from Brandenburg

This collaboration sees the development of special handmade crafts and manufactory products from Brandenburg, including stools and lampshades that show a regional connection. Consumers can obtain information online about where their product is from and who was involved in its design and manufacture. Haus Brandenburg also creates the basis for a dynamic network, making it possible for new participants to come together and new collections to continuously be created.
Works by Diana Belodedov, Marta Carlesso, Magda Dziewit, Johannes Heinrich, Clara Keseberg, Max Nissen, Christin Rothe, Cecilia Thorausch, Marlies Wieking, Anna-Lena Wolfrum and Bernadette Wüchner will be exhibited.

The FHP Mobil Visits Up to Ten Locations Annually

The FHP Mobil tiny house visits up to ten locations each year to provide information about the work of the FHP think tank and to generate enthusiasm for it. The vehicle travels to urban and rural areas to concretely visualise research and transfer projects, to engage people in conversation, and to inspire them.

Opening Events

  • Friday, 28 May 2021, 7 pm
    Exhibition: 28 May – 6 June 2021
    Location: The piazzetta in front of the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin, Matthäikirchplatz, 10785 Berlin