Workshop Report from the Namibia Research Project at the Ethnological Museum

WEITWINKEL – Global Perspectives on Collections

Tue 10.12.2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Expert talk | Lecture series / Adults
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The Concept of Your Interpretation – Challenging the Colonial Archive through Art and Research

What stories can colonial collections tell? What visions of the future can we develop with them? The Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) and the SPK have formed a partnership to explore these questions. Since spring of 2019, several researchers from Namibia have been researching the approximately 1400 objects in the Namibia collection at the Ethnolo-gischen Museum der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin. Together with the museum's team, they have explored the collection’s histories, cultural significances and artistic potentials. Cynthia Schimming contributed her expertise as a fashion historian and designer and the experiences of her Herero family to this research process, creating an art installation that looks back at the colonial past as well as forward to a creative future. Her work not only deals with the traumas of colonial violence and genocide. It also sees the collection as an archive of Namibian handicrafts and de-signs and interweaves historical experiences with a self-confident reposi-tioning in the post-colonial present. In the panel discussion, she will pro-vide an insight into her artistic research process and discuss her artwork (untitled) that will be presented at the Humboldt Forum.

Paneldiscussion in english with Cynthia Schimming (Museums Association of Namibia) and Julia Binter (Ethnologisches Museum – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin).