Virtual Tour of the “Trade:Mark” Exhibition

The exhibition Trade:Mark – The Stankowski + Duschek Graphics Studio demonstrates how design and art merge to form a universal entity. Use the 360° panorama to take a virtual tour through the exhibition.

What Does the Virtual Tour Offer??

The 360° panorama encompasses the entire Trade:Mark exhibition and allows visitors to move virtually through the exhibition space. An introduction to the history of trademarks and an excursion into analogue design provide an ideal starting point. Logos from the Stankowski + Duschek Graphic Design Studio and diverse facets of corporate design can be discovered in the section “Die Kunst der Marke” (The Art of the Brand). Signage and spatial concepts are presented under the heading “System auf allen Wegen” (Always Systematic). A dialogue with the visual arts is a common thread running through the exhibition.

How Does It Work?

  • Users move via mouse click or touch screen through the exhibition to view the works.
  • An interactive plan of the exhibition space provides orientation and allows users to navigate between the different sections.
  • The zoom function allows each of the 300 exhibits to be viewed at close range.
  • Accompanying texts can be accessed with a click or touch on the wall texts or with “i” (Information) in the menu.
  • Thirty-five interactive hotspots bring up section texts and individual highlights in a magnified view.
  • A booklet about the exhibition is available for download (PDF, 128 KB). It provides additional information about the exhibits.