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Hingeschaut! | The Fountain of Youth by Lucas Cranach the Elder

Just over 500 years ago, Spanish seafarers discovered the Americas and with it a world unknown to Europeans. In the latest episode of our video series Hingeschaut! we take a closer look at a world map from 1566 - sea monsters, out-of-place continents and the who's who of the seafarers of the time are included. What you don't see on the map: The discovery of the "new world" went hand in hand with colonization and its disastrous consequences for the local population.

Length: 2:18 minutes
Picture: Johann Theodor de Bry: Karte Amerikas mit den Darstellungen von Kolumbus, Vespucci, Magellan und Pizarro, 1566 © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Kunstbibliothek / Knud Petersen


Claudia Skoda. Dressed to Thrill

Claudia Skoda’s fashions made her a key figure and icon of the West Berlin underground scene in the 1970s and 1980s. She revolutionised the concept of knitwear fashion through her unconventional designs; her spectacular fashion shows attracted international attention. With this first solo show, the Kunstbibliothek (Art Library) pays tribute to Claudia Skoda’s work – in her home city of Berlin. The multimedia special exhibition presents around two hundred works, some previously never shown before, by Claudia Skoda and her art, film and music scene associates, including Martin Kippenberger, Luciano Castelli, Ulrike Ottinger, Tabea Blumenschein, Kraftwerk, Jim Rakete, and many more. 

Length: 0:44 minutes

Length: 6:39 minutes
Producktion:  Staatliche Museen zu Berlin / oh, patrone

Claudia Skoda. Dressed to Thrill - Video Workshop - Part I

Length: 7:53 minutes

Claudia Skoda. Dressed to Thrill - Video Workshop - Part II

Length: 12:08 minutes


Film by Max von Gumppenberg in collaboration with Claudia Skoda

Length: 14:49 minutes