Music in the Exhibition “Alchemy: The Great Art”


Theatre musician Matthias Krieg has created an electro-musical composition for the exhibition "Alchemy: The Great Art" at Kulturforum. It can can be heard inside the exhibition every day at 5 p.m.  

An excerpt from Krieg’s electro-musical composition, plus minus kosmos, can be heard on the exhibition trailer. The entire piece can be heard inside the exhibition, every day at 5 p.m. Here, the music merges with the exhibits, drifting between the objects on display and casting them in a new light. At the same time, music highlights some of alchemy’s particular properties: music, like alchemy, contains motifs of transformation and material changing into something new, as well as the almost-tangible presence of a universal material.

Alchemy. The Great Art
06.04.2017 to 23.07.2017

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