Kunstbibliothek Foyer Show of Works by Hans-Eberhard Ernst


A range of works by the poster artist, book designer, illustrator, and cartoonist Hans-Eberhard Ernst (born 11.5.1933) will be on show from 23 May to 26 June 2013 in the Kunstbibliothek’s foyer on the lower level of the Kulturforum. Ernst belongs to the school of graphic artists who make consistent use of the art of drawing in approaching their subject. A delicate, often subtle sense of humour and a tendency to depict subjects through ironic, often caricatural exaggeration prevail in his more than 150 posters and numerous illustrations for 50 books and various magazines. Puns on words are translated into pictorial games, gestures into characters. His handling of the pen, coloured pencil, brush, or graphite pencil, is always imbued with an astounding sense of the natural and immediate. Even his carefully executed collages have the freshness and vitality of momentary inspiration and seem to grow out of the found images as if by natural extension. The artist’s works radiate vitality and give the impression of an apparent effortlessness without ever seeming random or careless, while his steady hand is led by a clarity of thought and an undisguised joy of the subject.

On show is a selection of work that the graphic artist presented as a gift to the Kunstbibliothek in 2008 and 2013.