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The aim of the ENUMERATE project is to improve the quality and accessibility of data on digitisation, digital preservation and online access to Europe’s cultural heritage in order to make informed strategic decisions on investments in digitisation.

The ENUMERATE “Thematic Network” revolves around a core consortium of 10 partners. The project will collect statistical data on digitisation and refine the methodological procedures for collecting relevant data. ENUMERATE is based on the results of the NUMERIC project (2007–2009).

An initial survey was conducted in 2012, with a summary of the results of the “Survey Report on Digitisation in European Cultural Heritage Institutions 2012” published on the website. The anonymised data is accessible to registered users on the ENUMERATE-Data Platform, who can use the data for their own research projects.

The Institut für Museumsforschung coordinates the work package “People (Community Engagement)”. Monika Hagedorn-Saupe also acts as one of the EU member states’ experts on ENUMERATE in order to implement the project surveys.

Research Team: Institut für Museumsforschung, Prof Monika Hagedorn-Saupe
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