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There are three different series published by the Institute. The "Berliner Schriften zur Museumsforschung", a series of books covering individual themes like "Museum marketing in the United States" ("Berliner Schriften zur Museumskunde, Nr. 15") and a series of books (Handbuch des Museumsrechts) covering aspects of museum-related legal issues, such as copyright and insurance. In the second series of publications, "Materialien aus dem Institut für Museumsforschung", results of research projects and surveys are made available to the public. In 1997 the Institute started releasing a third series "Mitteilungen und Berichte aus dem Institut für Museumsforschung" which also aims to make further work-papers available.

Bibliographies – online

The Institute publishes bibliographies on several museum-related subjects. Up to now there have been two bibliographies available in print form (see list of publications). They are now also available on the web – to be downloaded as a whole or as an online database. One is on collections management and the use of computers in the museum, "Materialien aus dem Institut für Museumskunde Nr. 49" (available as a pdf file). The other is on museum education and museology, "Materialien aus dem Institut für Museumskunde Nr. 39". Dating from 1993, it can now also be downloaded as a pdf file. The online version will be updated continuously within the next months. Two more bibliographies are in preparation. As soon as they are ready, they will be available as documents to be downloaded and as online-databases. The subjects they will cover are: museums and the Internet, and collections care.

Research at the Institut für Museumsforschung