Dr.in Friederike Berlekamp


Research Associate (Institut für Museumsforschung)


Institut für Museumsforschung




  • Museum4punkt0: Materialisation of the intangible?: Conducting a study on the effects of digital mediation of the intangible cultural heritage/intangible aspects, opportunities and challenges for museums; providing an expert report with recommendations for action.
    Presentation of the sub-project "Materialisation of the Intangible?" on the IfM's website
  • REACH project (participation in/with cultural heritage): conducting a study on participatory initiatives in museums, designing and evaluating workshops, discussion on best practice examples, contributin to the central REACH-discussion on "(cultural) resilience"
    Website of the REACH project


Since 01/2021 research assistant, Project Museum4punkt0, Institut für Museumsforschung (SMB-PK)
06/2018 until 12/2020 research assistant, REACH-Projekt, Institut für Museumsforschung (SMB-PK), Berlin
05/2016 until 04/2018 Traineeship (workshop on South American feather art, researches on objects (incl. provenance), publication, exhibitions, events), Ethnologisches Museum (SMB-PK), Berlin
03/2014 until 02/2016 Assistance (preservation of the stock, user services, resaerches), Sylter Archiv, Westerland

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