Over the Moon and Back Again! Museums Expand Their Reach

“Over the Moon and Back Again!” is aimed at school groups and teachers from rural areas. The project takes place at various locations: in schools in Brandenburg, at the Museumsinsel Berlin and Haus Bastian. Using these locations as examples, it will examine how museums can expand their reach and spheres of impact, radiate out into rural areas, and span new bridges between urban and rural educational spaces.

Project Days for School Groups

Large boxes of materials await students and teachers. In preparation of a visit to the Museumsinsel Berlin, participants examine real objects, materials and tools in their classrooms to equip themselves to address stimulating questions and preliminary assignments.

In the process, they train their skills on various subjects in advance, finding common ground for their interests and developing their own questions. This newly-acquired expertise, as well as their own ideas and attitudes, accompany students on a project day at the Museumsinsel Berlin. Participants bring additional aspects to the topics and widen the scope of interest during their encounters with the art and cultural-historical objects from the museum collections. And ultimately, they also contribute to the artistic and creative methods employed at Haus Bastian.

Both the material box and the project day are free of charge. A free transfer ticket to the Museumsinsel Berlin by bus or train can also be made available to school group students.

Continuing Education for Teachers

Teachers and art educators test the material boxes before the project takes place. Together, they develop possible applications for the school lessons while expanding their methodological and didactic skills.

Network for Cultural Education and Integration 2.0

At an annual network meeting now held at Haus Bastian, directors, curators and art educators discuss institutional prerequisites and challenges of cultural participation as a primary and cross-sectional task of cultural institutions.

The project “Over the Moon and Back Again! Museums Expand Their Reach” is supported by: