Rarely screened, these shorts by young filmmakers based in Yerevan offer lucid, politicised and poetic perspectives on the contemporary condition of life in Armenia. With their strong cinematic style, this screening provides an insight into a new generation of visual artists and directors. Asya Yaghmurian holds M.A in Journalism. She has gained experience curating exhibitions, and working for international media. She was assistant curator of the Dilijan Arts Observatory 2016. She is also founder and curator of Armenia’s Design Pavilion.


"An Inventory of Some Strictly Visible Things", 2017, 7 mins
Gariné Torossian
commissioned by MINERVA projects (minervaprojects.org)

“And You, What Do You Seek?”, 2017, 32 mins
Rene Gabri & Ayreen Anastas
The project is realized under the Financial Support for Art Projects program of Armenia Art Foundation.

“Post DIY”, 2015, 12 min
Lucine Talalyan

''Short message'', 2013, 13 mins
Vardan Danielyan


New Experimental Film from Armenia. Evening with short films by leading Armenian artists and filmmakers curated and introduced by Asya Yaghmurian (curator, Yerevan / Armenia)

Expert talk | Screening

Offers for: Adults
Date: Sun 08.07.2018 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Location: Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Meeting point: Aktionsraum
Price: 0 EUR
plus admission
Registration: no booking/prior registration required
Exhibition: Hello World. Revising a Collection
Collection: Nationalgalerie

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