Restoration and Conservation project: The Autumn Turf Circle/Richard Long (2014)

At part of the collection display A-Z: The Marzona Collection, the letter ‘E’ stood for ‘Erhalten’ (‘preserve’). This took the form of a 2014 presentation devoted to the consolidation of the turf blocks in Richard Long’s Autumn Turf Circle (1998). The work was put on display in its own exhibition room, which also included a mind-map illustrating the process by which those working on the project had arrived at the restoration concept. Visitors were also able to watch a film chronicling the progress of the conservators’ work.

However, the primary focal point of the exhibition – in addition to the artwork itself – was a large workbench where visitors could browse through four large folders. These contained all the information pertaining to the project: from a letter written by the artist to the conservator detailing his thoughts on the work’s conservation, via condition and measurement reports, descriptions of a range of tests and restoration/conservation reports, through to academic essays on restoration/conservation work in general, and focusing on the artist Richard Long and his oeuvre in particular. This gave visitors the opportunity to enjoy full access to the conservators’ work.