Christian Falsnaes, Florian Hecker, Anne Imhof and Slavs and Tatars were nominated for the Preis der Nationalgalerie 2015

Hamburger Bahnhof – Nationalgalerie der Gegenwart

This fall, Berlin's 'Preis der Nationalgalerie' will be awarded for the eighth time. The five-member jury has chosen four artists from among 130 applications. Christian Falsnaes, Florian Hecker, Anne Imhof and the artists' collective Slavs and Tatars will exhibit their work in a joint show at Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin for the 'Preis der Nationalgalerie' this September.

The 'longlist' resulted from submissions from numerous European museum directors and curators and suggestions from members of the 'Verein der Freunde der Nationalgalerie'. From these suggestions, the jury chose four artistic approaches whose work is characteristic of the frequently transdisciplinary practice of the upcoming generation of artists. The four positions reflect the broad international spectrum of the German art world. In their work, these artists all link the questioning of their own artistic production with the reflection of social contexts.

Just as 2013, the winner will not receive a financial award, but instead a curated solo show that will be held at one of the houses of Berlin's Nationalgalerie. This show will take place the year following the awarding of the prize: the 2013 prizewinner, Mariana Castillo Deball is currently showing her exhibition 'Parergon' until March 1, 2015 at Hamburger Bahnhof.

On September 10, 2015, the exhibition for the 'Preis der Nationalgalerie' will open with works by the four nominated artists. The prizewinner 2015 will then be selected by a second jury. The award will be presented on September 17, 2015 in a ceremony held at Hamburger Bahnhof: the 'Förderpreis für Filmkunst' will be awarded at the same time.

The 'Preis der Nationalgalerie' focuses on young, important positions that have already achieved influence and importance in the art world. Artists from all countries who work in Germany and are younger than age 40 are eligible to participate.

The 'Preis der Nationalgalerie' 2015 is made possible by the 'Verein der Freunde der Nationalgalerie' and supported by BMW.

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