Duration | 60 minutes
Premiere | 29 March 2018, 6:00 pm

Figures in a Landscape is a meditation on living painting and moving sculptures, a dialogue between visual art and dance, between European and Chinese culture. Where is the connection? How can this communication arise?

The starting point was the costume design by the British visual artist Jonathan Baldock, inspired by such different references and influences as medieval monks' cowls, Chinese opera costumes or the abstraction of European modernism. Baldock: "My practice is constantly referring to the human form. That's why it's natural for me to integrate living bodies into my work."

For Jutta Hell and Dieter Baumann in turn, who have been part of the independent German dance scene with their dance company Rubato since 1985 and have been co-producing with artists in and from China for more than 20 years, the term "sculptural" plays a key role: from the moving sculpture a variety of aesthetic forms can be developed. Hell / Baumann's choreography adds an extra dimension to the materiality of Baldock's costumes. They are repeatedly arranged differently on the bodies of the eight dancers, in the movement, through the dance, receive an independent rhythm in lines, form and color, create new images and meanings.

The title of the piece, Figures in a Landscape, refers to a longstanding tradition in the fine arts that exists both in the West and Asia / China, while at the same time involving the venue "museum" as a formative element in the totality of perceptions and reflections. Only through body and costumes, in action and silence, a sound is created that fills this space without any additionally forming musical component. The result is a large, dynamic sculpture in continuous metamorphosis - a corresponding, circling process of becoming and passing away.

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Production: Tanzcompagnie Rubato, funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, in cooperation with Staatliche Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz and Powerstation of Art, Shanghai.


Dance company Rubato: Figures in a Landscape

An international, interdisciplinary project between visual art and dance


Date: Thu 29.03.2018 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Location: Gemäldegalerie
Meeting point: Galleries for special exhibitions
Price: 12 EUR, concessions 6 EUR

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Collection: Gemäldegalerie

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