This is What We Eat. We Eat Rice.
Hands-on exhibition for children from 4-8 in the JuniorMuseum

19.11.2011 to 10.01.2016
Ethnologisches Museum

Eating rice, perhaps even for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Unthinkable for most children and adults in Berlin and Germany. And yet rice is vital for the survival of people in huge swathes of the planet. Rice is an integral part of their daily routine. This also goes for Adö, a boy from Laos, and his family. They live in a region where the German charity, Welthungerhilfe, is active in helping to safeguard their livelihoods. A photographer and a journalist from Germany paid a visit to Adö and his family in a small village in Laos. Adö and his family thus accompany children and adults on their trip through the JuniorMuseum.

At the museum, children can find out what a rice plant looks like, how it grows, which animals live in a paddy field, what life is like in the village and what tasks the various members of the family perform. The exhibition offers children the chance to play and discover things for themselves using all their senses.

After working up an appetite in the exhibition, everyone comes together to cook and eat at the end. And what's for lunch, you ask? Rice dishes of course, fragrant and warming! Join us for a journey with rice!

The experience of exploring, cooking and eating is on offer for the whole family at certain set times.
Every Sunday from 2 - 3.30 p.m., booking required:
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