Month of Photography: Modernity's Non-synchronism: Studio Photography from Baldomero Alejos, Ayacucho - Peru (1902-1976)

05.11.2008 to 01.02.2009

Presented by the Ethnologische Museum, the Museum of European Cultures and the Freie Universität Berlin

A hundred photographs from Baldomero Alejos' body of work are to be shown for the first time ever in Berlin, with additional pieces from collections from the Museum of European Cultures and the Ethnologische Museum.

The works created by Alejos, the studio artist from Ayacucho, span more than 50 years and were made during a period of great upheaval. The artist's photographs reflect the changes that occurred in all areas of public and private life in Peru at the middle of the last century. The sense of a 'non-synchronistic modernity' is revealed in its various relations between Paris and New York, between Berlin and Lima, as well as those within Peru itself, between the capital and the provinces. The exhibition depicts the great social and political changes of the day by taking the region of Ayacucho in Peru as its example.

An exhibition of the European Month of Photography in Berlin.

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