Modern Calligraphy by Persian artists

22.04.2005 to 07.11.2005

The exhibition shows work by the artists Shahla Safarzadeh and Mamoud Mirzaie. Both see their work as profoundly influenced by the long tradition of classical calligraphy. Their paintings, erasures and drawings in Indian ink take up this tradition, while reflecting the breaks which the high art of classical calligraphy has experienced in modern times.

With this exhibition, the Ethnological Museum prefaces its planned permanent exhibition "The World of Islam", due to open in 2008, which will show the quality of the museum's outstanding Islamic collection. A central topic of this exhibition will be the use of space in the Islamic world. Although Islamic societies vary greatly in detail, they are characterised by concepts of common space use, which determine the organisation of social life, relations between the sexes and the positioning of the individual in the social world.