600 Years of Court Art from Nigeria

08.02.2008 to 25.05.2008

An exhibition of the Ethnological Museum, National Museums in Berlin in co-operation with the Museum für Völkerkunde in Vienna, the National Commission for Museums and Monuments in Nigeria, the musée du quai Branly in Paris and The Art Institute of Chicago

The unique brass sculptures and ivory carvings from the kingdom of Benin in today's Nigeria belong to the highlights of artistic production in Africa. Originating from the 15th to 19th century, the works also document the long history of the kingdom which, from the early Renaissance onwards, cultivated a close trade relationship with Europe.

The exhibition ist he first to present a choice selection of masterpieces from Benin, uniting works which, in the wake of colonial conquests, were spread all around the world. Including more than 300 exhibits, the show pinpoints the transformations of art, politics, and culture from the 15th century to the current day, and highlights the inter-relationships between visual representations and the manufacture of power and memory. In this, it emphasises the interdependence of developments in Africa and Europe and Benin's active role on the stage of global history.

Benin - Kings and Rituals. Court Arts from Nigeria. Herausgegeben von Barbara Plankensteiner
Redaktionskonzeption: Barbara Plankensteiner, Ursula Brandl-Straka
Museum für Völkerkunde Wien, 2007
536 Seiten, 301 illustrations of exhibited objects and many other illustrations within the text
ISBN: 3-88609-606-8, Best. Nr.: EM001146
39,90 Euro
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