Past exhibitions

[sound] Listening to the World
© Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss

[sound] Listening to the World

22.03.2018 to 16.09.2018

„Working With Artefacts 3057“
© gaehtgens.hirsch

Ethnologisches Museum
Packing up and Repackaging:
DAHLEMMA – Perspectives Galore. An installation by gaehtgens.hirsch

25.11.2017 to 14.01.2018

On view is: Magnus Wennman, "Where the Children Sleep", Lamar, 5 years, Horgoš, Serbien.
© Foto: Magnus Wennman

Caution, Children! Protected, Loved, Endangered

07.07.2017 to 14.01.2018