Only on show until 10.01.2016: Some objects from the Dahlem Museums are being prepared for restoration and transport to the Humboldt Forum

Humboldt Forum

In preparation for the relocation of the non-European collections of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin to the Humboldt Forum, several works from the Museum für Asiatische Kunst and the Ethnologisches Museum are being dismantled prior to restoration and transportation. Large objects, such as the Pacific-Islander boats, will be installed in the Humboldt Forum as early as 2018, while it is still in its skeleton phase, because an installation at a later stage in construction will no longer be possible due to the vessels’ sheer size.

Because so much space is required for the shipping preparations and large thoroughfares need to be created within the museum itself, the exhibition on South, Southeast and Central Asia in the Museum für Asiatische Kunst and the displays on Pacific Islanders and Native Americans in the Ethnologisches Museum will be closed to the public from 11 January 2016, long before the museums shut their doors forever.

In order to capture one last look of the famous Pacific-Islander boats and other objects in their old setting, an Instawalk was held in the Dahlem Museums at the end of the year (hashtag #emptymuseendahlem). Some of the most successful Instagramers in the city were invited to come to the museum and capture the collections on camera, as they saw them. The results are a selection of beautiful, often unusual shots of the Dahlem collections.