More than 5,000 visitors last weekend. The Dahlem Museums to remain open


More than 5,000 visitors – including large numbers of families with children – visited the Dahlem Museums last weekend, taking the opportunity to see the full permanent exhibition for the final time before its partial closure (to allow for the relocation of various exhibits).

As of 11 January 2016, visitors to the Museum für Asiatische Kunst will no longer be able to access the exhibition areas for South Asia, South East Asia, or Central Asia. Similarly, there will be no public access to the South Pacific and Native American sections of the Ethnologisches Museum, or to the JuniorMuseum of the Dahlem Museums. Objects from these areas are now being prepared for restoration by a team of specialists prior to their relocation to the Humboldt Forum.

Large sections of the Museum für Asiatische Kunst and the Ethnologisches Museum are expected to remain open until the beginning of 2017. The Museum Europäischer Kulturen will remain at its current location in Dahlem.