Money in Latvia
History and Present

10.04.2008 to 30.11.2008


An exhibition of the National History Museum of Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian National Bank and the Numismatic Collection Berlin

As part of the German-Baltic cultural year Essentia Baltica 2008, the National History Museum of Latvia is visiting the Bode Museum with an exhibition on Latvian coins and money.

The presentation allows visitors to follow the development of Roman coin imports in the 3rd century to Arabic dirhams of the 9th century and Western European coinage of the 11th century, from Latvia's own currencies from the diocese of Riga and the Livonian order since the 13th century, rubles and copecks during Russian rule since the 18th century, up to today's currency, an expression of the sovereignty of state. The Numismatic Collection adds a number of precious objects from its own holdings, among them a gift coinage of 12 ducats of the Livonian order from the Riga mint. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue.