A Play of Colours and Shapes
Mosaic Art at the Bode Museum. An exhibition of the Children's Gallery at the Bode Museum

22.11.2007 to 27.06.2010


The interactive exhibition introduces young visitors to the technique of making mosaics. A 6th century 'building site' invites children to explore the work processes, materials and historic tools involved in mosaic production.

The mosaic in production is modelled on the apse mosaic from Ravenna, one of the most prominent exhibits in the Museum of Byzantine Art at the Bode Museum. The exhibition further includes a large mosaic workshop table and learning games designed to provide experience of handling colours and shapes. During the warmer months, the educational programme will be carried on outdoors. Visitors of the Bode Museum can visit the exhibition at no extra charge. Every Sunday from 3 pm we offer educational sessions supervised by museum staff and a family programme.