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Sophie Körner, Copy of a Portrait of the Poet Theodor Körner

Oil on textile, image dimensions: 110 x 83 cm, inv. no. A II 180

This portrait of the famous poet and playwright was in very poor condition. The heavily yellowed varnish muddied and distorted its appearance and colouring. Numerous historical efforts at retouching and overpainting were heavily discoloured. Furthermore, the slender frame was not reflective of the significance of the work. Extensive conservation and restoration work was carried out on the painting, including the removal of the varnish, the overpainted sections, and old efforts at retouching. A new, stylistically appropriate frame now complements the colour composition and underscores the elegant and noble character of the work.

Restoration: Anja Lindner-Michael
Reframing: Markus Dengg