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Symposium Times of Waste | 18. and 19.3.2020

Thu 19.03.2020 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Conference / Adults
no booking/prior registration required

On 18 and 19 March 2020, the Kunstgewerbemuseum of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin will host the Times of Waste symposium. The occasion and starting point is the exhibition Times of Waste – The Leftover. Following on from this, the event is dedicated to present alternative design and representation strategies that demonstrate a way out of the wasteocen.

At the interfaces between design, technology and natural science, an interdisciplinary dialogue is created, which is carried out together with the visitors in various discussion formats. The focus will be on the latest findings in research into sustainable materials and their potential for design practice. At the same time, the role of museums as representatives, preservers and utilisers of analogue material worlds will be examined.

Thursday 19.3.2020

9:30 – 12:50 am
Design strategies and practices for sustainable use of materials and resources. Moderation & reconnection
to the discussions of the first symposium day: Michaela Büsse (FHNW HGK)

9:30 am
Charlett Wenig (Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces,
Potsdam): The Bark project – a material research in the field of science and design

10:10 am
Natalija Miodragović (MoA Cluster project Object Space Agency): Plasti-city (plastic environment)

10:50 am
Emile De Visscher (MoA Cluster project Material Form Function): N’Dao Hanavao - Recycling plastic into fibres in Madagascar

11:30 am
Igor Sauer (MoA/Charité Berlin): Life after death – Organ donation and tissue engineering strategies

Common Energy
12:10 am
Emile de Visscher, Martin De Bie (e-textiles FabLab EnsAD Paris): Repurposing waste in an African FabLab

- Lunch Break -

1:30 pm
Presentation of the Cloud Apparatus by Clemens Winkler (MoA Cluster project Object Space Agency)

2:15 – 4:00 pm
Objects in exhibitions & collections: Material representations of ‘cultural goods’, narrations of origin. Moderation and reconnection to the discussions of the first symposium day: Martin Müller (MoA)

2:15 pm
Lecture with Johanna Di Blasi, art historian, publicist and blogger: Cadavre Exquis of Art and Ethnology. The revival of historical collections with examples of the Humboldt Lab Dahlem 2012-2015

3:00 pm
Round-table discussion: ‘Activity of collections’: How to deal with ‘active material’ in exhibitions and collections? Johanna Di Blasi with Natalija Miodragović, Nina Samuel, Christian Stein & Clemens Winkler (MoA Cluster project Objekt Space Agency)

All lectures will be held in English.
The event is free of charge, registration is not necessary.

The symposium is being held in cooperation with the research team of the FHNW University of Art and Design Basel (FHNW HGK), the Cluster Matters of Activity (MoA) of the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin (KGM).