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Written Paintings
Calligraphic Masterpieces from the 16th - 18th Century

04.06.2010 to 19.08.2010


The Museum für Islamische Kunst (Museum for Islamic Art) is happy to present a selection of its grand collection of calligraphic album leaves which were assembled in the second half of the 18th Century in Northern India.

Many folios bear the signatures of famous Persian and Indian artists working between the 16th and 18th century, amongst them well known names such as the Nishapuri calligrapher Shah Mahmud "Zarrin Qalam" who worked at the court of Shah Tahmasp (1524-76) in Tabriz and his contemporary Mir Khalilullah "Padschah-i qalam" who later continued to the Deccan. The exhibition also includes several folios by Dara Shikoh (1615-59), the unfortunate Mughal prince artist, noted for his accomplished calligraphy, and of his brother who later became Emperor Aurangzeb (1618-1707).