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Weltensand Collection. Qutri - the Diagonal as Bridge.
Installation by Elvira Wersche

11.09.2008 to 25.09.2008


For fourteen days in September the public have the opportunity to watch the German-Dutch artist Elvira Wersche at work on her impressive geometric floor pattern. Both the material - sand taken from around 600 places spread over all continents of the world - and the construction of the ornament itself are of key relevance in this work.

Geometry serves as the source of inspiration for the ornamentation of the surface, with the artist taking a historical faïence mosaic from the Friday Mosque of Isfahan in Iran as her starting point. The mosaic has proved to be a constant source of fascination for the very simplicity of its appearance, yet it belies a highly complicated construction process. In a similar way, Elvira Wersche manages to create a dynamic geometric field in the room through the complex divisions of an ever-recurring circle and a multitude of linear associations.
The artist will take the piece apart again in a special performance on 25 September.

An artistic contribution to the Wissenschaftsjahr 2008 Mathematik, a project sponsored by the Federal Government to promote mathematics.

With kind support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.