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Visions & Fashion
Images of Fashion 1980-2010

30.06.2011 to 09.10.2011

Fashion images - artistic interpretations of fashion in the form of photography and illustration - have always formed a core component of the Art Library's fashion division: the Lipperheide Costume Library. This year's exhibition focuses on the exciting relationship between fashion and the image over the last 30 years, with some 200 original works on show by international photographers, illustrators and freelance artists, including Helmut Newton, Tony Viramontes, Sarah Moon, Michel Comte, Eric Traoré, Lorenzo Mattotti, François Berthoud, Cem Bora, Gregor Hohenberg, Martin Mago, Carola Seppeler, François Cadière and Christin Losta.

The second part of the exhibition features a representative selection of diverse forms of visual communication from the fashion industry, presented from various thematic perspectives. These include: billboard campaigns (such as for Benetton, Missoni and Comme des Garçons), a broad spectrum of print media (Six, Visionaire, Achtung), lookbooks and corporate advertising, videoclips, websites and fashion blogs. All these media forms illustrate how diverse the channels of communication have become in fashion today. Without communication, fashion cannot reach its market, it needs images to reach a global audience and to receive global recognition.

The exhibition 'Visions & Fashion' takes a selective look at the history of fashion and style in the last 30 years, picking out the most interesting fashion shots from the flood of images that wash over us every day, and presenting the visitor with various aspects of the colourful relationship between fashion and the image.