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Uli Richter
A Berlin Fashion Story

13.09.2007 to 06.01.2008


The exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts takes visitors to the world of the Berlin couturier Uli Richter. In the upper exhibition room, a representative selection of 80 garments illustrate the "typical" Uli Richter style. The garments, presented on catwalks, are grouped according to colours and themes. Pictures by fashion photographers such as Rico Puhlmann, Regi Relang and F. C. Gundlach offer a chronological survey of the evolution of the fashion house. Historic photos of the city illustrate pivotal events in the history of Berlin between 1945 and 1989.

The lower exhibition room is dedicated to Uli Richter's most famous private customers: Rut Brandt, wife of the German chancellor Willy Brandt; Ebelin Bucerius, wife of Gerd Bucerius, the founder and editor of the weekly newspaper Die ZEIT; Aenne Burda, founder of Burda Fashion Publishers (Burda-Moden-Verlag) and publisher of the Burda magazine; as well as Ignes Ponto, wife of Jürgen Ponto, the chairman of Dresdner Bank. The model dresses are presented together with a short biography of their owners and historic photographs. Offering insight into the historic contexts, the exhibition thus goes beyond a mere fashion show.

With the friendly support of the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie.