Typology of Museum Architecture
Ideas for an Extension to the Bode Museum

22.04.2010 to 12.09.2010


A project by the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences and the National Museums in Berlin

The exhibition sees the presentation of eight projects by students of the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences' School of Architecture, which are the result of a course held on the development and typology of museum architecture ranging from Frederick the Great's picture gallery in Sanssouci until the present day.

Following on from the result of 2005's successful urban planning competition for the museum courtyards situated on the side of Kupfergraben opposite the Bode Museum, the projects presented here are based on findings from preliminary studies conducted on museum typology. They take into consideration the Bode Museum's architectural qualities and transpose them in a variety of ways into a modern language of forms as regards the building's extension. The designs present a picture of what an extension to the Bode Museum would look like, without necessarily making any concrete assumptions as to the precise, detailed plan of the possible new wing.

The designs are intended to enrich the discussion on the future of the Sculpture Collection and Gemäldegalerie.