Turkish Delight
Türkiye'den Tasarim - Design from Turkey

16.05.2008 to 29.06.2008


Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

Turkish motifs and subject matters have inspired European art and craft for centuries. Building on and diversifying this tradition, the exhibition presents a selection of 80 objects by internationally renowned designers from modern Turkey. The eleven artists from different generations have one thing in common: their work contains echoes of the Ottoman-Turkish traditions of art which have been fused with forms determined by modern functionality. As should be the case with any masterpiece, historic motifs and concepts are not interpreted in an importunate or "regionalist" fashion, but add extra appeal to the design objects. To experience these newly emerging aesthetic standards in direct neighbourhood to the historic objects from the museum's collection is a challenge which will certainly appeal to the museum public in Berlin - the city which, in 2006, UNESCO declared the "City of Design".