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The World in a Bowl

30.08.2003 to 01.02.2004

Two years into the exploration of eßkultur (dining culture) at the Berlin Dahlem museums (i.e. the Museum of European Cultures, the Ethnological Museum, the Museum of Indian Art and the Museum of East Asian Art), the Museum of Ethnology examines the place of the bowl in the exhibition: 'The World in a Bowl'.

The bowl, a simple material object, is a basic domestic tool in most cultures of the world. It reveals much about the preparation, storage, presentation and consumption of food - the whole cultural history of eating. The design and decoration of bowls also carries cultural meaning. Bowls often have a significant role in various rituals, often forming the link between daily life and the world of mythology.

This exhibition draws on bowls from all different departments to show the variety of forms and materials. The event includes guided tours, 'culinary readings' for adults and children, and an after-work museums party, which fills the bowls with 'life'.

With this exhibition, the Ethnological Museum continues the exploration of eßkultur, aiming to turn exhibition visiting into an intellectual and sensual experience.

A thematic tour through the permanent collection integrates this special exhibition into the overall context of the Museum.