The Paul Steegemann Publishing House

27.05.2004 to 18.07.2004


Thanks to the generous Egidio Marzona Gift, the Art Library is able to present an almost complete display of the works produced by the Paul Steegemann publishing house.

Steegemann's importance in German publishing begins with his support, in the 1920s and 1930s, for the avant-gardists such as Kurt Schwitters, Hans Reimann and Kurt Hiller. He was also a pioneer of efforts to reach out to a broader public with his 'Brotbücher' ('bread books').

Towards the end of the Weimar Period, Steegemann issued the journal series 'Die Erhebung' ('The Uprising'). Official members of the Nazi party were among the contributors.

Paul Steegeman's anarchical economic approach to publishing is unique, and goes some way towards explaining this powerful impact his highly heterogeneous programme had on future generations.