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The Painters of the Family Pu
Descendants of the Last Chinese Dynasty

01.07.2003 to 05.10.2003

(Short term exhibition in the Gallery of Modern Chinese Painting)
July 1, 2003 - October 5, 2003

The exhibition presents 14 works of four artists descending from the last Chinese dynasty. Pu Jin (Xuezhai, 1893-1966), Pu Xian (Yizhai, 1901-1966) and Pu Quan (Songchuang, 1913-1991) were brothers of the last Chinese emperor Pu Yi (1906-1967). But the most influential artist among the painters of the family Pu was undoubtedly Pu Ru (Xinyu, 1896-1963), one of the paternal cousins of the above mentioned brothers. Moreover, one work of the female artist Pu Jingqiu (Songhao, 20. Jh.) is shown. Her affiliation to the family has not been determined so far.
The five artists of the Pu family belonged to the scholarly elite and thus continued the tradition of literati painting. Devoted to the study of past masters, Pu Ru in particular became the most important traditionalist of the 20th century. In compliance with the canon of literati painting, the artists of the Pu family focused on depictions of landscapes and paintings of the "Four Gentlemen", namely bamboo, plum blossoms, orchids, and chrysanthemums.
Pu Ru went to Taiwan in 1949, where he became an outstanding artist of high reputation. Teaching at the Art Department of Taiwan Normal University he greatly influenced the younger generation.