The Berlin Award for Design Craft 2007

24.11.2007 to 16.12.2007


An exhibition of the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Berlin Handwerkskammer (Chamber of Trade), supported by Berliner Volksbank

The show is preceded by a competition aimed at singling out achievements of special creativity and quality-focused technical skill. The exhibits, selected from the competition entries by a specialised jury, are all unicums experimenting with a variety of both ordinary and unusual materials. In the fields of jewellery, container and furniture design, for instance, they demonstrate the inexhaustible and seminal potential of traditional craft techniques, as well as the fruitfulness of a symbiosis between art and craft. The craft acquired through professional training enables its practitioners to handle material in a skilled, competent, even artful way which, if combined with artistic creativity, leads to an innovative and quality-rich vocabulary of forms.