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The Babylon Case
A time capsule for our civilization

26.06.2008 to 05.10.2008


The exhibition of the German/Danish artist-duo J&K is taking place in conjunction with the exhibition "Babylon. Myth and Truth" at the Pergamon Museum. Presented in a dedicated room, The Babylon Case is the artist's comment to the museological repre-sentation of Babylon, and offers a "third space".

"At the dawn of the earliest of civilizations, an intricate prophecy was engraved in a tablet of clay by an unknown hand. The inscription predicted that the legacy of Babylon would irrefutably preordain our current era. Meanwhile, through unexplained routes, an enigmatic museum capsule from a future age has found its way to our time. To date, it has been necessary to conceal it from the public eye for security and research purposes, however, for the very first time its dimly lit room at the Pergamonmuseum in Berlin is now opened to visitors ..."

The Babylon Case is initiated and produced by J&K with curatorial and artistic support from Cecilie Nusselein Gravesen. As a companion to the exhibition, a publication is avail-able, edited by Cecilie Nusselein Gravesen and J&K, with essays by Michael Fehr and Nicholas Mirzoeff.

The project is sponsored by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin and the Danish Arts Council Committee for Visual Arts and the Danish Arts Council Committee for International Visual Art.