The Art of Stones
Celebrating 15 Years of the German Suiseki Society

24.08.2008 to 12.10.2008

Excited by the contact of its various members with Japanese culture, the German Suiseki Society was founded in Schwetzingen in 1993. 'Sui' (水, Chinese: shui) means water and 'seki' (石, Chinese: shi) stone. Suiseki are stones formed by nature, which are collected and put on view for their aesthetic value.

The Chinese roots of this tradition date as far back to the oldest cosmological and religious concepts known to us. Taking inspiration from the abstract beauty of their forms and colours, various stones were collected from very early on and published in catalogues.

The small group of collectors in Germany not only collects classical 'scholars' rocks', but also many other categories of stone and has documented this process in the exhibition, which has been enriched with pictures and stones from the collection of the Museum of Asian Art.