The Art of Interpretation
Italian Reproductive Prints from Mantegna to Carracci

06.03.2009 to 14.06.2009


The concept of the unique copy, of the one-off product of artistic creation, has held sway ever since the start of the modern era. As a result, the idea that art is reproducible has long since fallen into disrepute. This unfavourable verdict was levelled in particular at the high art of interpretation, which involved the reproduction of paintings and drawings by great masters in the form of the copper-plate engraving, etching, lithograph and various other technical processes.

The exhibition presents the art of interpretation as seen in outstanding, rarely seen examples of the Italian Renaissance. Several pieces on loan from other great museums reveal the role which models and copies played as well as certain motifs and images which were used again and again over several epochs in a broad range of media and techniques (including drawings, paintings, printing plates and faience works).