The Architects Walter and Johannes Krüger

12.03.2004 to 09.05.2004


The Berlin architects, brothers Walter and Johannes Krüger (1888 -1971 and 1890 - 1975 respectively), have left behind an impressive body of work, which includes both individual and joint projects.

As the Art Library's substantial collection of work of the Krüger brothers has been complemented by several loans, it is now able to present a comprehensive and exclusive selection of sketches to document their architectural work.

The Krügers are particularly associated with two sites. Best known is their famous and monumental Tannenberg Memorial in Eastern Prussia. This was erected in 1927 and converted into the Hindenburg Memorial by the Nazis in 1934. Secondly, they are known for the classic architecture of the Spanish Embassy (1934-43), which has recently been renovated.

The Krügers were also extensively engaged in the construction of churches and elegant houses, as well as with buildings inspired by the 'Neuer Sachlichkeit' and by the technical and aesthetic requirements of the 1950s in the rebuilding of Berlin.

Under the premises of post-war history, however, the versatility of their work went unacknowledged. None the less, the oeuvre of Walter and Johannes Krüger embodies crucial directions in the historical develop