Simone Mangos: The Ideology of Memory

24.08.2007 to 04.11.2007

Museum für Fotografie
Museum für Fotografie

In 1998, Simone Mangos began to research the grounds of the former ministerial gardens in Berlin, and to follow the development of the debate about the memorial for the murdered jews of Europe which was to be erected on the site. Her works on this topic look at the various stages of the memorial's genesis, as well as the many controversies surrounding it.

In the exhibition at the Museum for Photography, Simone Mangos shows photographic works from her research. The large size of the central exhibition hall, the Kaisersaal, has inspired her to develop an installation which transfers a geophysical photo and the plans of an earlier building on the memorial site into the war-damaged space of the Kaisersaal. Reconstructed from archive shelves found in the museum, the installation creates a form of passage through the ruins of the Kaisersaal into history.

"The Ideology of Memory" makes a proposal for our way of dealing with memory: what do we select for commemoration, which form do we give our memories, and which results has our selection on the understanding of the past?

The exhibition is supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.