Silver Treasure of Switzerland
Gold and Silver Forging Art from the Schweizerisches Landesmuseum Zürich

15.07.2005 to 23.10.2005


With around 300 treasures of Swiss art from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, this exhibition is a tribute to the high standards and extraordinary skill in the processing of noble metals in Switzerland over the centuries. Outstanding pieces for the church and secular life were produced in Switzerland, which absorbed cultural influences from both Germany and France.

The bourgeoisie of Switzerland, with its important guilds, societies and associations, was and still is the patron of special works of art. They are evidence of the Swiss sense of self-worth and national feeling and are enriched by their connection with the local and national history of the country. The works often take singular positions in comparison with the silver forging art of other parts of Europe; the rich silver collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin invite the visitors to experience this difference, and to appreciate of this art as a unique expression of national consciousness.

With this exhibition the Museum of Decorative Arts continues its decades-long programmes of international co-operation.