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Romania - Shift of Focus

03.11.2007 to 18.05.2008

Museum Europäischer Kulturen

Monasteries, fortified churches, and the Carpathian Mountains - this has long been our image of Romania. From 1989, images of social calamity have been added to this. Even today, these pictures persist in Western media coverage - they form a stark contrast to the glossy pictures of restored historic houses and idyllic landscapes. Presenting works of young German and Romanian photographers, the exhibition unfolds the many realities of Romania, going beyond the clichés nursed in public perception. It offers glimpses of the spaces in-between and the transitions, it reflects both the country's steady will for progress and its unbroken love of tradition. At the same time, it shows the numerous and creative ways in which a society in change manages everyday life. The Romanian Culture Days (until 2 December) and the International EthnoFilmfest Berlin (8 to 11 November) complement the exhibition with an interesting programme of events.