08.09.2006 to 14.01.2007

Museum für Fotografie

For more than ten years, Reiner Leist has been taking pictures of metropolitan life through the window of his New York office building on 8th Avenue, using his 19th century full plate camera. He took pictures each day he was in New York, whenever he found the time, at every time of day, in all weathers and every position of the sun. The resulting bulk of around 2,200 photographs documents both the every-day life and change of Manhattan and the world-historic event of the destruction of the World Trade Center. The ever-changing view through the office window onto the city lends the images a rich diversity which keeps inviting fresh comparisons.

For his exhibition in the Kaisersaal at the Museum für Fotografie (Museum for Photography), Leist has developed a large installation with illuminated boxes. These present the entirety of his photographs in a giant panorama. The arrangement of the boxes displays the course of a year while at the same time allowing comparison between a certain day of a certain month in different years within the period 1995 to 2005.