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Regina Schmeken: Among Players

24.05.2006 to 30.07.2006

Museum für Fotografie
Museum für Fotografie

In the ruinous Kaisersaal - the former ballroom of the Landwehrkasino which since 2004 has housed the Museum für Fotografie (Musem for Photography) - the photographer Regina Schmeken presents her movement studies from the world of dance and football in a monumental, larger-than-life frieze. In serial exposures, she examines the precarious moment of balance between standstill and movement, characteristic of both dancers and football players. In doing so, she focusses on the players and the often decisive moment of their apparent pause, isolating it from the complex sequence of actions. By reducing the image to clear graphic forms, the essence of human activity is given a visible expression.

In a second exhibition room, Regina Schmeken shows studies of fencing contests as choreographies of a pugnacious pas de deux - appropriate to the history of the Landwehrkasino which contained a fencing hall for officers.