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Raimund Kummer: On Sculpture

25.06.2004 to 26.09.2004

Museum für Fotografie

The Museum für Fotografie inaugurates its program of exhibitions at Jebensstrasse 2, Berlin-Charlottenburg, with "Raimund Kummer: On Sculpture". Photography and the work on and about the photographic image have been essential components of the Berlin sculptor Raimund Kummer's artistic endeavours from the very beginning, whether in the form of reflections, sketches, or independent sculptures. He appropriates spacial situations using photography and incorporates them into his own vocabulary; he captures fortuitous constellations, or else stages them and develops works out of them; he expands the ambient field of the sculpture; he makes the photograph an object.

Incorporating more than 200 images dating from 1980 to 2004, "On Sculpture" is itself a sculptural installation that presents a retrospective of Kummer's photographic œuvre. The second part of the exhibition called "Fiji Bitter/Krummer Deutscher" is a project that Kummer has pursued for over twenty years and now he brings it to a (temporary) conclusion in the ruinous Kaisersaal. In a spectacular installation, developed specially for the context of the museum, a steel girder becomes a projection surface of its own history, which has been documented using photographic and filmic means.