Precision and Devotion
Furniture Art by Abraham and David Roentgen

28.04.2007 to 11.11.2007


Throughout the 18th century, the Roentgen manufactury made furniture for the great dynasties of Europe, such as Paris, Berlin, and St Petersburg. With their unique pieces, they wrote one of the most splendid chapters of European furniture art. Their fine woods, richly gilt bronzes, skilled marquetry and sophisticated mechanics lend the furniture made by Abraham and David Roentgen a perfection and absolute precision which is as evident and impressive today as it was then.

The exhibition offers the visitor insight into one of the highest quality collections of furniture manufactured by the Roentgen brothers, highlighting the great diversity of the pieces. International loans present the unique opportunity to compare three of the Roentgen's outstanding major works: the famous large cabinet of Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia, the remarkable writing bureau of Von Walderdorff, the arch bishop of Trier, and the desk of Katharina the Great of Russia. The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalogue and a DVD.