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Philipp Schönborn: Holy Land

10.03.2005 to 07.08.2005

Museum für Fotografie
Museum für Fotografie

The Museum for Photography is showing works of the artist Philipp Schönborn under the programmatic title 'Holy Land'.

For close to 15 years Schönborn has been translating spiritual questions into photographic images. In the Kaisersall (Emperors' hall) of the museum eight colourful works made of light boxes make an artistic case for the triad of religions active in the Holy Land. To the thinking public, consideration of a rapprochement among the three monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is an issue to explore, but this has largely been ignored in the arts. Schönborn takes on this question in a brilliant illustration (Verbildlichung).

The Kaisersaal (Emperors' hall), a ruin with rough brick walls and a wooden auxiliary roof truss, provides a reflective setting for these questions about the Holy Land. In its centre stands the shining tower 'Aller Heiligstes' which converts the motif of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem into a radical new building, open for all religious groups. The tower is surrounded by seven images made in light boxes, all built in Israel.

Characteristic of Schönborn's work is the combination of documentary and experimental photography in tableaux within which sculptural dimensions unfold.