Paris Bordon's Berlin altarpiece

05.04.2007 to 08.07.2007


Un San Bastiano che par non li manchi se non il solo respiro

As part of the exhibition series "Bilder im Blickpunkt" (Paintings in Focus), the Gemäldegalerie directs its attention towards one of the main works of Paris Bordon, a Treviso-born pupil of Titian: an altarpiece from the church Santa Maria dei Battuti in Belluno in the northern Veneto, entitled "Madonna Enthroned with the Child and the Saints Roche, Fabian, Cathryn of Alexandria and Sebastian". This work, acquired in 1821 as part of the Solly collection, has been comprehensively restored during the past three years, generously supported through the Getty Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the J. Paul Getty Trust, Los Angeles.

Bordon's panel not only adds fresh splendour to Room XVI, dedicated to Venetian painting of the 16th century, but also enhances our understanding of style, technique and issues of chronology within his oeuvre as it makes direct comparisons of his works possible. One such interesting comparison is the large-scale "Sacra Conversazione", on loan from the Galleria Colonna in Rome, which he painted around the same time as the Belluno panel. How modern Bordon's art appeared next to other contemporary works is evidenced particularly in the "Madonna Enthroned with Child" by Jacopo da Valenza from the church of San Pietro in Belluno.